torsdag 15 oktober 2009

{ Max Factors nya Ansikte }

Beautiful Brazilian Gisele Bundchen is already one of the world’s most famous models and one of the World’s Richest Supermodels. Bundchen has walked the world’s high fashion catwalks and has been the face of Victoria’s Secret, Valentino, Louis Vuitton, Dolce and Gabbana, and Apple. She is poised to enlarge her reach even further into the world of beauty and agreed to become the new face of cosmetics company Max Factor, replacing Carmen Electra, who’s had a three-year run with the company.

In addition to launching Gisele Bundchen starring ad campaign, MAX Factor is celebrating 100th anniversary in early 2009.

MAX Factor is a brand that has touched some of the most glamorous faces in the world for the last 100 years,” said Bundchen. “But more than that, I love that this was the original brand to make that professional artistry and glamour available to everyday women, and I’m honored to work with MAX Factor in continuing that great tradition.”
Gisele’s role as the newest MAX Factor face depicts a thrilling new look of the brand’s long-standing inheritance of putting fashion-forward, modern makeup views within reach for all women with its line of professional quality products. Her ad campaign for Lipfinity Lip Collection and ColorGenius Face Collection for the product will start showing up on magazines in October 2008.

Bruce Katsman, associate marketing director for Factor and its sister brand, Cover Girl, noted that Bündchen will be working with makeup artist Pat McGrath, who is also P&G’s global creative design director.

Associate marketing director Bruce Katsman called choosing Bundchen “a no-brainer.”

She’s the image of our high fashion consumer,” he says. “It’s not so much about her look, per se. She’s rocked the runway so she’s perceived as a great canvas. We think she does the same thing for makeup.”
Gisele Bundchen says in a telephone interview about her chameleonlike quality:
There’s been the androgynous look and the classical pretty girls. I’m not one and I’m not the other, but I can look androgynous or I can look pretty — but I’ll never look too much one way or the other”

In the new ad Gisele is doing light makeup. Her long hair is being pulled back on top of her head. She’s demonstrating her left shoulder, dressing only what appeared to be a pink furry coat. Her face looks seductive, with both her eyes looking at the camera and her lips opened.

I thought it was really cool to be a part of something so old,” Bundchen says. “I can’t believe something can exist for that long. For a business to stay alive for that long, it must be really good.”
Gisele adds:

Imagine what I’d look at 100 years old?!

Mr. Max Factor, the father of recent makeup, revolutionized the views of beauty and style 100 years ago on the Hollywood movies with the producing of his perfect makeup line. His work began on films in 1909.

It’s thanks to the legacy of Max Factor & Company that we were given the first “waterproof” makeup in 1971.


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