måndag 28 februari 2011

{ Dancing Queen }

I just love Echo Park Papers, It's not one single collection I don't like... and that's good! Here I used the collection Be Mine, lovely pink, grey and black colors.

Antonia loves to dress up and this dress is a little bit too small for her but it doesn't matter, she want's to wear everything shiny, glamouros and fab... so I let her (not all the time, but still)...

When we saw the Music Contest on TV this saturday, she stood in front of the TV with a "spray bottle" as a microphone, singing and dancing... she is so cute! A real entertainer she is! :)

2 kommentarer:

smuulan sa...

Vilken liten stjärna, hihi! Och är det någon som är lik sin mamma, ELLER VAD!!??

Carina sa...

En jättefin Lo.Härliga färger och söt modell.Texten passar ju perfekt.


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